Texas Instruments, Inc (TI), USA is leading world producer of electronic components. The list of produced microcircuit chips amounts to more than 50,000 items; among them are digital transmission systems, microcontrollers, a wide variety of analog circuits, radiofrequency interface chips, etc.

Comus Group has become a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of a wide variety of sensors and sensor-related products. The company produces a wide range of Tilt Switches / Motion Sensors, Reed Switches, Relays, Proximity Sensors, Liquid Level / Pressure Switches and Smart Sensors.

Huawei is a world leader in the development of ICT solutions. Huawei modules find their application in automated control systems and accounting, cash machines and payment terminals, control systems, alarm and security systems.

Renata Batteries is a division of Swatch Group AG, the Swiss watch making company, which is engaged in manufacturing micro-sized batteries for electronic devices. The range of products includes watch and calculator batteries, hearing aids, 3V lithium batteries and battery holders.

Shenzhen PKCELL Battery Co LTD is one of the largest companies producing cell batteries in China and manufacturing a wide range of products: primary alkaline and lithium (LiMnO2 and LiSOCl2) batteries, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Li-ION, Li-Pol, Li-Fe, Ni-Zn accumulators of various standard sizes.

'Systems, Modules and Components' has developed a line of wireless ZigBee MBee modules based on Texas Instruments microcircuit chips. These modules are developed on the basis of a CC2530 microcircuit chip family of the TI System-on-Chip type and support a full implementation of ZigBee PRO protocol stacks within the range 433Mhz, 868Mhz and 2.4 GHz 

AXONIM Devices provides electronics and embedded systems development services. Engineers and developers of the company have experience and competences of embedded electronics and digital devices design in various subject areas: image and video processing, digital optical devices, UAV, UAS and drones, industrial automation, telecommunications, consumer electronics and Internet of things (IoT), oil and gas industry, medical devices and equipment.

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